Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk

Rebel Kitchen Mylk

Ingredients: water, coconut milk, date nectar, cocoa.

This product comes in a variety of flavours. I chose one of the least interesting options, chocolate. This flavour is available in a larger size (shown in the photo) and a lunchbox size complete with kid-friendly cartoon packaging.

My first impressions of this product was not good. Despite vigorous shaking, my first mouthful had lumpy bits in. Unlike the Allergy Brothers, I can drink dairy milk and lumpy dairy milk is a very bad thing indeed. Obviously, I quickly realised that this was actually yummy coconut cream and it was a very pleasant mouth sensation having melting cream mixed in with the chocolate mylk. Also, importantly this tastes great.

Would I buy this again? It’s a real shame that the Allergy Brothers can’t eat coconut because I am sure they would love this. I shall have to stick to buying it when they are at school. So yes, I would buy it again, but only if I didn’t have to share!

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