The Den, Vegan Cafe – Colchester

Vegan food can be really helpful if you have a dairy or egg allergy. As a great bonus, this vegan food was delicious too. I had a flat white coffee and a smokey chickpea salad. Both were delicious. The salad was so generous and filling that I didn’t get to try the low gluten cupcake I was intending to eat. I will just have to return for cake and coffee another time!

I found the owners to be very allergy aware. Items without gluten in the recipe are marked on the menu as low gluten rather than no gluten because they are concerned about cross contamination in their small kitchen. I thought that was honest and showed an understanding of how small quantities of gluten can potentially affect people. They were also happy to spend some time reading ingredients lists with me and I think we found something the Allergy Brothers could eat and drink at The Den!

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