Ombar Buttons

OmbarButtonsIngredients – coconut sugar, raw cacao mass, raw coconut cream, cocoa butter, vanilla, bacillus coagulans GBI- 30 6086.

We are a quite glutinous here at Allergy Towers. In fact, this entire blog is just a justification for me to be eating yummy things constantly. So you know there is a problem when something is left uneaten here. I hated these coconut chocolate buttons so much that I left them in the fridge after eating one (I am starting to think that me and raw coconut are just not that in to each other). Allergy Dad rescued them. He ate one – “it’s like a Bounty button. These are nice. Oh hang on, that is one awful aftertaste. ” He tried a second one and then they got abandoned in the fridge again. The next step is to chuck them in the bin. This has never happened before…

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