Zest Vegan Basil Pesto

20150701_111529Oystein, Wilfried and Ton the goldfish don’t have fingers, but if they did then they would definitely use them to open a jar of Zest vegan pesto!  (Please note: the Allergy Brothers were responsible for buying the “pineapple house under the sea” in the fishtank!)

Ingredients – Rapeseed oil, Ground brazil nuts (23%), Basil (20%), White wine vinegar, Ground cashew nuts (4%), Ground hazelnuts (4%), Garlic puree, Concentrated apple juice, Salt, Black pepper, Toasted sesame oil, Chilli powder.

This is a store cupboard star here at Allergy Towers.  We use it as a sort of alternative to tomato!  We make pizza with this pesto as the sauce, instead of passata.  We dip our chips in it, instead of tomato ketchup.  We have even used it as spread in a vegan cheese sandwich.  Occasionally, we go old skool and actually use it as pesto on corn pasta or new potatoes.  It’s very multipurpose and, as an unassuming little jar, it doesn’t mind sitting in the fridge for up to 14 days waiting for you.

This is all very well, but the taste is pretty important too.  Like lots of “free from” type foods, it’s best to not try to think about the thing it is supposed to replace.  If you think about a traditional green pesto then this will seem a bit disappointing.  If you think of it as a vinaigrette, nut and basil condiment to be enjoyed for its own worth, then it becomes much more appealing.  But, if you really need a recommendation, then how about the slightly disgusting fact that Allergy Little has been known to eat spoonfuls of the stuff out of the jar!?

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