Zoot Enduro Brazil Nut Carnival


Tentaclor getting his/her/their teeth into a Brazil Nut Carnival.

Ingredients – Sultanas (28%), Peanuts (23%), Brazil nuts (18%), Sunflower seeds, Dates (11%), Humectant: vegetable glycerine.

This was a pleasant, but certainly not overwhelming, energy bar.  The sultanas made sure it tasted sweet enough.  The nuts and seeds provided plenty of energy (166 calories worth).  Unusually, I didn’t actually check the ingredients before I threw this in my packed lunch (obviously, everything the Allergy Brothers eat is checked and checked again before they are allowed to eat it!).  I hadn’t realised that peanuts were included in the ingredients and I try not to take peanut products when I don’t know if I might accidently trigger a peanut allergy.  I was a bit annoyed that this is called a Brazil Nut Carnival, when it actually contains more peanut.

I don’t know what to say!  I feel like a stroppy teenager shrugging my shoulders and saying “it’s awright.”  But it is.

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