Vegan Tuck Box

We have had a monthly Vegan Tuck Box delivery for about half a year now.  We had the mini gluten-free subscription, which costs £8.50 per month for 5-6 treats.  Classic boxes cost £17 per month and contain 10-12 products.  We are not a Vegan family, but we find vegan products really helpful as the boys need to avoid dairy and eggs.  Being able to have a gluten-free and vegan option is fairly epic!

So what do we love about Vegan Tuck Box.  Well, the Allergy Brothers have actually been able to eat 1 or 2 products most months, and Allergy Dad and I have happily polished off the rest. Vegan Tuck Box often include unusual products that are hard to source in the UK.  It’s also really nice to receive a parcel once a month and a little bit exciting (okay, really exciting, if I am honest) to find out what surprises we have each month.  The photographs show a mini box and its contents.

20150813_11430820150711_184300What could be improved?  The products are often sourced all over the world.  This has made me truly aware how lucky we are to have legislation about accurate and full food labelling in Europe (thank you, EU!).  Sometimes the ingredients lists can be a bit vague and we just don’t take chances with the Allergy Brothers.

The main problem we have is that, with the Allergy Brothers’ extensive range of allergies, the hit rate of suitable products is just a bit too low.  This also means that I end up eating the extra treats, which is not really such a great idea as I slide towards middle age.  What I would really like is for Vegan Tuck Box to send out a monthly email with the products that are in the most recent boxes (complete with ingredients lists, please).  Then I could go to their shop and order the treats that the boys can eat.  A simpler improvement would be adding an ingredients list to all the products in their online shop so I can check back occasionally in the New Products section.

For the right person, for example a young vegan leaving home for the first time, this would be a really fabulous present.  The gift options range from a single mini box (£9.50) to a 12 month, classic box subscription (£216).

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