Bonvita Rice Milk Chocolate Couverture with Blueberry


Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Raw cane sugar, Rice milk powder (17%), Blueberry (5%), Vanilla.

It’s the last Friday of the summer holidays, and it’s been a delight to have the Allergy Brothers home all summer, but, boy, did I need some chocolate today.  As you can see, we were running short.  I am pretty sure that couverture is just a nice way of saying cooking chocolate.  I didn’t cook with it.  I stuffed a big chunk of it in my face.  I am not ashamed of this.  I can’t shout at the boys and eat chocolate.  Eating chocolate, even cooking chocolate, makes me a better parent.  That’s my excuse, and I think it is pretty watertight.

I suppose to further justify my gluttony, I should review the couverture.  The chocolate was very smooth and without that gritty texture you often get with non-dairy milk chocolate.  I was a bit worried about the blueberries, because blueberries are one of those things I think I should like, but I don’t.  I was expecting whole dried blueberries, but actually little chunks were used with great restraint.  There was enough blueberry to add flavour but not enough to swamp the chocolate.  It was a bit too sweet, but that was a positive bonus today.  I have no idea how good it is for cooking with.  Sorry.

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