Creative Nature “Heavenly Cacao” bar

I am going to have a slight digression to explain why my blogging might not be quite up to standard today.  Suma, the natural food wholesaler, provided me with a sample box of their new products for July and August.  This evening, I thought I would try a tin of Edamame beans (by Geo) as an accompaniment to my main meal shared with the Allergy Brothers.  I was quite surprised when I opened the tin as the beans were surrounded by jelly.  However, this was fairly simple to wash off and then I was left with lots of bright green beans.  I was quite a bit more surprised when I had an allergic reaction after eating them. So I am writing this while high on Piriton.

Anyway, I am not holding this against Suma and, earlier in the day, I was happy to try this raw bar from Creative Nature that was also in the sample box.


Ingredients : Dried fruit (sultanas, dates, cranberries, goji berries), Oats, Vegetable glycerine, Cacao powder, Cacao nibs, Cacao butter, Maca powder.  Contains sulphur dioxide.

This came with a leaflet that proclaimed that this bar was “healthy chocolate!”  I, cynically, thought that that just means not very nice chocolate.  I was pleased to be proved wrong.  This bar really was very chocolate flavoured, although not chocolatey in texture.  Often with these type of bars, there is a small amount of a superfood and lots of cheaper, filler ingredients, such as oats.  This bar has it the other way round.  As there is so much dried fruit, this bar is also really sweet and it didn’t feel like a chore to eat it.

Right, I think I need to lie down in a darkened room to recover.  Please report any errors in the comments, and I will correct them when I am not in an anti-histamine haze.

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