Getting A Pizza The Action With Allergies 3 – Domino’s Takeaway

This week, we have looked at ready made bases and pizza base mixes, but sometimes, on a Saturday night, that is just too much like hard work.  It’s time for takeaway, but what do you do if you are gluten free?  Obviously, you get takeaway pizza!

When I first heard that Domino’s make a gluten free pizza I was very, very happy then I remembered all the times I have been let down by allegedly gluten free options in the past.  Seriously, how could you make a pizza gluten free if there is wheat flour floating around everywhere?  Well, it turns out Domino’s have an advantage here as their dough is made off site and delivered to each store daily.  The dough is stretched into pizzas in their kitchens and they use corn flour to dust their trays.  I also read about the controls they have in place to keep the product as gluten free as possible.  So we decided that, while I was putting the Allergy Brothers to bed, Allergy Dad would venture out to Domino’s.  Unfortunately, the Allergy Brothers are allergic to some of the ingredients so this is an after they are asleep treat, and, as we live in the land that time forgot, Domino’s don’t deliver to our house.  But it was worth it.

A four veggie pizza in an open takeaway box.

I’ll be honest the pizza crust doesn’t compare that well with a wheat base, but that’s not really the point as the whole purpose of takeaway pizza crust is to act as a receptacle for yummy pizza toppings; the four veggie option in my case.  It’s also not really about gastronomic excellence so much as embracing my laziness.

The main bonus for me was that I didn’t get glutened.  In fact, I have had this several times (you will notice I am very thorough in my junk food testing) and have never felt ill after this pizza.  The only problem we have had is that once they used the wrong crust (Allergy Dad now checks our order thoroughly before leaving the store).  I was able to see this instantly as the gluten free pizzas are a different size and are never cut up (two of the controls Domino’s use to prevent accidental glutening), but if this had been my first gluten free pizza there then I might have been initially very impressed about how similar the pizza seemed to a regular pizza and then very quickly very ill.  It’s important to say that there is a risk of cross contamination with this product so you will need to judge how sensitive you are and whether it is worth the risk.

Another nice aspect is that the gluten free base is also dairy free so you could potentially make your pizza vegan by removing the cheese.  It would be really great if Domino’s could offer a dairy-free cheese option too.  Hint, hint, Domino’s!

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