A stack of free from foods next to a small boy's clothes laid out as if he is wearing them.

Win Allergy Little’s Height in Free From and Vegan foods!

It’s been a year since we started the Allergy Brothers blog, and two months since we made the switch from Tumblr to Word Press.  It’s been a surprising, humbling, and exciting experience to log in and see the visitors, views and followers totals increase each day.  In two months, we have had well over a thousand views by nearly 200 visitors from the UK, Canada, USA, Australia, Sweden, Japan, The Netherlands, South Africa, France and Turkey.  We really appreciate you all.

A stack of free from foods next to a small boy's clothes laid out as if he is wearing them.

To celebrate The Allergy Brothers blog’s first birthday, we are giving away Allergy Little’s height in products.  You could win Choc Shots Orange Spice flavour chocolate sauce (RRP £3.69), Betavivo oat heart cereal (RRP 85p), Nothing But Pea & Sweetcorn snack (RRP £1.19), Nothing But Pineapple & Grape snack (RRP £1.19), Suma Culinary Coconut oil (RRP £2.65). Orgran Apple & Cinnamon pancake mix (RRP £2.89), Hale & Hearty Corn and Rice Rigatoni pasta (RRP £1.95), Alara Into The Garden Active, Organic, Gluten-free muesli (which will be featuring in a recipe later this month)(RRP £4.99), and an Allergy Adventures activity pack with stickers (RRP £3.50, please note ours will ship without pencils or craft straws).  (Allergy Little is a bit of a fidget pants so, rather than trying to get him to lie still, we used his favourite clothes to show his height).  He’s a smallish four year old, but that equals over £20 of freebies!

This competition has now ended.  We will be drawing the raffle soon and contacting the winner.  Thank you to everyone who entered!

9 thoughts on “Win Allergy Little’s Height in Free From and Vegan foods!

  1. […] We used a Star Wars heroes chocolate mould that we bought from Lakeland Limited.  The chocolate we used is Kinnerton’s Luxury Dark Chocolate, which is nut, dairy, egg, wheat, and gluten free, and is suitable for Vegans.  We used Alara’s Into The Garden Organic muesli, and we used the Active variety.  This muesli has a high proportion of puffed Amaranth (20.5%), which Allergy Little really likes.  Don’t forget you can win a box of this cereal in our giveaway. […]


  2. […] Then something horrible happened.  We tasted them and they tasted…healthy.  This is hard-core, savoury dark chocolate, which I like, but the Allergy Bros don’t.  There may be cane sugar in the recipe, but it’s barely there in the taste.  However, Allergy Little, who is ever the optimist, pointed out that he liked the “little poufy bits.”  We realised that he meant the popped Amaranth so we decided to make our own recipe using that.  The recipe for “Gepofte Chocolates” will appear in the next blog post and you can win one of the ingredients in our giveaway. […]


  3. […] These were just the silly things people said to me about allergies and food this week!  What is your favourite or most hated comment you have ever had about allergies or your food choices?  I would love to hear that I am not alone!  Also, if anyone has a gracious response to the dairy and eggs situation, could you share it with me as I don’t like to be unkind, but the correct response is alluding me?  Finally, if you have had an allergy disappointment this week then don’t forget to cheer yourself up by entering our amazing Free From giveaway! […]


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