Allos Maize and Amaranth Waffles with Dark Chocolate

Ingredients: (translated by me from Dutch so I don’t guarantee the translation!) Dark chocolate 60% (Cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter), roasted maize 36%, roasted amaranth 4%, sunflower oil.  (Possibly contains traces of gluten, milk, nuts, sesame, soya, eggs, lupin).

I thought these would be lunchbox Nirvana for the Allergy Brothers.  They are not allergic to the ingredients and the cakes are covered in chocolate so, from a taste point of view, this should be good.  They are wrapped in packets of three cakes so should be perfect for chucking in a lunchbox on the days we are running late for school.  Finally, I really liked that the word for roasted or popped in Dutch is “gepofte”; I don’t know why, but that word made me happy.

Then something horrible happened.  We tasted them and they tasted…healthy.  This is hard-core, savoury dark chocolate, which I like, but the Allergy Bros don’t.  There may be cane sugar in the recipe, but it’s barely there in the taste.  However, Allergy Little, who is ever the optimist, pointed out that he liked the “little poufy bits.”  We realised that he meant the popped Amaranth so we decided to make our own recipe using that.  The recipe for “Gepofte Chocolates” will appear in the next blog post and you can win one of the ingredients in our giveaway.

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