A carton Oatly Orange and Mango drink on a Japanese red Vitra Corcniche shelf against a background of limesronetiles.

Oatly Orange and Mango Oat Drink.

Ingredients: Oat base (water, oats 10%), fruit concentrate (fructose, concentrate of orange and mango juice, concentrate of mango puree, citric acid), flavouring, colour (beta carotene).

I had enjoyed the Oatly pear and apple oat drink that I tested so I expected to enjoy this too.  The orange and mango drink was okay, but nothing special.  In fact, it’s been sitting in the fridge for a week waiting for someone to finish it, and now it’s going to be poured down the sink.  I think I have a bit of a problem with citrus and dairy flavours being used together.  I just think this is wrong; the dairy should curdle, even if it doesn’t.  Lemon cheesecake, I am looking at you as the chief suspect.  And I have carried this prejudice over to non-dairy milks.  So it could be my problem.

A carton Oatly Orange and Mango drink on a Japanese red Vitra Corcniche shelf against a background of limesronetiles.

However, even if the Oatly drink didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth, then it’s snarky packaging did.  Bearing in mind that this product is probably going to be drunk by people who need to be careful about what they eat and drink (either through allergies, religious beliefs or personal dietary preferences), it just looks means to have the tag line “No milk.  No soy.  No…eh…whatever.”  on the front of the product.  They managed to follow this up by titling the back of the product “The boring (but very important) side.”  Then the ingredients and nutritional information is prefaced with the following “If this side bores you, please read no further.  Flip the carton around and have a wonderful day.  Otherwise, please do enjoy.”  Oh, those caddish advertising executives with their too cool for school attitude!  This must have seemed so edgy and subversive in the meetings.  The reality, as a frazzled Allergy parent, is that it just annoyed me, and for that reason alone I wouldn’t buy it again.

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