a rank of LIdl trolleys.

Don’t discount the Discount Supermarkets! #Lidl Surprise

When we first discovered that the boys had so many allergies, my plan was to take out a second mortgage and shop at Waitrose.  I enjoyed my trip around Waitrose and spent quite a lot of money, but I was really surprised how little there was in the way of Free From foods.

It turns out that the perceived quality of a supermarket is no measure of how good it is for Free From food. Lidl is my secret weapon.  Lidl doesn’t actually have a Free From foods section so you do need to put a bit of time into it.  However, after a few trips around, you will find that there are Free From food bargains in every section.

AProducts from LIdl photographed agsinst some shopping bags

For example, these were the extra products I discovered that boys can eat during one trip.  It doesn’t include all the ingredients we usually buy, such as fruit and vegetables.  It also doesn’t include the extra products that I saved back for individual review.  So that week, I found French fries (which cook really well but don’t have any allergen-containing coating), poppadoms for a Saturday night treat with dinner, soya milk, smoked almonds (which were really, really delicious), salted crisp sticks, and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate was a real find because it’s only ingredients are sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin, and vanilla flavouring.  That’s right; a bargain product that doesn’t use soya lecithin.  I  shared a bar with a family that has to avoid soya in all forms, and it’s been a big hit in their household.

Products from Lidl's Greek range next to some shopping bags,

Another fun aspect of shopping at Lidl is that they have some products that are only available for a short period.  These are often themed around food from a certain country.  I was pleased to discover that many of the foods in the Greek range were suitable for the boys.  The little sesame bars are perfect for lunchboxes, and we are already fans of Halva.

You might have also noticed that there are two packets of sausages in that week’s haul too.  British sausages usually contain wheat rusk.  The gluten free sausages that don’t are often very expensive, and they usually contain other ingredients that the Allergy Brothers can’t eat.  Lidl, of course, is a German company so they sell German sausages, which are all meat.  We were spoilt for choice for Free From sausages, although they were not advertised or labelled as that.  To be honest, none of us were very keen on the Bockwurst, but the Bratwurst were very popular with the Allergy Brothers.  I was pleased to discover a quick dinner meal for the boys at a reasonable price.

Also, as a final bonus, you can feel good about shopping at Lidl because they pay their staff well.  Now, that is a #Lidl Surprise that I approve of!

A bargain is good, but a freebie is better!  Don’t forget to enter our giveaway.  Only a few hours left to go before it closes!

4 thoughts on “Don’t discount the Discount Supermarkets! #Lidl Surprise

  1. Hi I enjoyed reading your post. I pop into Lidl when I can as we don’t have s local store. I have found some good dairy free goodies. I didn’t even think to check the Greek specials. Have you tried their crisps as a savoury treat at all ?


    1. We buy their tortilla chips as they do a plain, no frills, perfect for avoiding allergens version. The boys also like the potato sticks; very thin, crisk potato matchsticks. I haven’t really checked out the rest of their crisps as most favours have something in the boys can’t have. I’ll look next time I am there and report back!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi, I agree the tortillas are perfect for avoiding allergens. Sadly, I didn’t like these, but have enjoyed their other crisps. I can’t remember sorry have you tried the microwave popcorn, well worth a try.

        Liked by 1 person

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