A stack of free from foods next to a small boy's clothes laid out as if he is wearing them.

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who liked, commented, and shared our giveaway.  We went old skool and actually put the names on bits of card and then chose one from the jar.  Congratulations to Nicola, who will have the box of goodies arriving at her door soon.

A kilner jar filled with colourful, illustrated cards.

Also, does anyone know the collective noun for blog followers?  A party of followers?  A hug of followers?  An ego boost of followers?!  I will have to investigate as I will soon need this knowledge because our blog followers have been steadily increasing.  Thank you so much for choosing to follow our blog.  When I was a child, one of my favourite games was to make magazines and newspapers (The Oink Times ran for several editions; it was the newspaper of an imaginary pig community!).  Having a blog has allowed me to recapture that childish pleasure, but with the added excitement of actual, real readers.  So thank you!

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