Two bottles of beer, packets of stroopwaffels and speculooos

Going Dutch for a Day (Gluten free) – Beer!

It’s 5.30.  It’s Friday.  It’s Vrijdagmiddagborrel or Vrijmibo, AKA Friday evening, after work drinkies, AKA Pub Club.  And I have two gluten free beverages to test.

Two bottles of beer, packets of stroopwaffels and speculooosFirstly, Mongozo Premium Pilsener.  Ingredients: Water, Barley malt, Rice, Yeast, Hops.  I picked these bottles up a long time ago at The Free From Show in London.  I wasn’t absolutely sure how a product could contain barley and still be gluten free.  The Mongozo salesman did explain it to me, but he had quite a strong accent and really quite a lot of free samples.  So I don’t understand the process, but I completely trust him because he is my best friend…

Also, while we are at it, let’s clear up some pickiness.  These beers are brewed in Belgium, but it’s for a Dutch company so they are still legit for our Dutch day.  The Pilsener was crisp, mild and fizzy.  It made me feel slightly nauseous as it brought back unpleasant memories of my teenage years.  In summary, it was exactly the same as normal lager, but without the gluten.

The second bottle had got me really excited, because it is a white beer.  I love the flavour of white beer, but it was one of the earliest signs that gluten and me were no longer friends.  One sip would really make me very ill indeed, which was so unfair as I really loved that sip.  The ingredients are water, barley malt, rice, buckwheat, yeast and hops.  My hopes were so high for this product that it seemed inevitable that they would be dashed.  And they weren’t!  This really was a fantastic product.  Light, refreshing, gently hoppy with a hint of sourdough.  If you are ordering for me at the bar, then “mine’s a Mongozo Buckwheat White Beer.”  I am buying myself a case for Christmas.

And on that happy ending, I hope you have enjoyed our wheat free/gluten free day of Dutchness, and I hope you have a great weekend.

The flags of Scotland, The UK, and The Netherlands

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