Amisa rice bread

Amisa Rice Bread With Flax Seeds

Ingredients: Cereals 59% (Kibbled whole rice 37%, Millet 8%, Kibbled buckwheat 6%, Rice thickening flour 4%, Maize grits 4%), Water, Lupin flour, Flax seeds 3%, Salt, Thickener: guar gum, Yeast, Sunflower seeds, Caramel.

Amisa rice bread

My favourite thing about this product was that I looked up exactly what kibbled meant (to chop or grind up coarsely, in case you weren’t sure either) so the ingredients list enlarged my vocabulary.  If you can’t eat any other form of bread then this will be okay toasted well with something strongly flavoured, such as Gentleman’s Relish or Marmite, on it.  If you can eat other forms of bread then eat them instead.

Two slices of Amisa rice bread toasted and buttered on a plate.  One slice has a bite out of it.

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