Twp Jack O Lanterns with bags of sweets

Trick Or Treat With Allergies

This is the first year that the Allergy Brothers have shown any interest in Hallowe’en.  They decided that they would like to have a small party and hand out sweets to the trick or treaters.

Twp Jack O Lanterns with bags of sweets

I wanted to have a range of treats to accommodate as many food needs as possible.  I was surprised how easy it was to find allergen free sweets.  The Monster Mallows are gluten free and it turns out absolutely yummy.  The marshmallow is creamy and chewy, and the chocolate coating actually tasted like nice chocolate; in fact, it reminded me of the caramel taste of Galaxy chocolate.  The Swizzels Monster Treats mix contains soya, but it is otherwise free from gluten, dairy, and egg.  The Swizzels Double Lollies are actually suitable for the Allergy Brothers as they don’t contain soya either.  We also have some glow sticks as non-food treats.

I would love to know about any more of your tips and suggestions for Hallowe’en in the comments!

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