Two slices of chocolate tiffin on a plate next to the packaging.

Lazy Day Tiffins and Slices

This is less of a review and more of a tribute!  The other evening I was at home, the Allergy Brothers were tucked up in bed, and Allergy Dad was working as he does most weekday evenings.  There was an unexpected knock at the door.  My first thought was “it’s Halloween and I haven’t bought treats yet so I better pretend I don’t exist.”  There was a second knock; this time it was louder.  Now, I convinced myself that it was some kind of serial killer or, at best, robber.  There was a third knock; this time even louder.  And I finally realised that if I was going to be murdered in my kitchen then the perpetrator probably wouldn’t be considerate enough to not use the doorbell for fear of waking up the Allergy Brothers.  I was glad I answered the door because it was our friends, P and K, who had decided to do a run of the neighbourhood buying treats for everyone, who is home alone with sleeping little people and can’t sneak out to a shop.  What nice friends!

Two slices of chocolate tiffin on a plate next to the packaging.

For me, they had chosen Lazy Days Foods Free From Tiffin.  These are, as you would expect from such lovely friends, a really good choice.  They are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, and hydrogenated fats.  They are suitable for coeliacs and vegans.  They also have a long best before date.  There are many situations where we have to buy food for large groups of people, such as buying cakes for the whole office on your birthday.  If you want to be very considerate, like P and K, then I would recommend putting an extra packet of Lazy Day Foods tiffin or slices in your supermarket basket as it just might mean that someone can actually have a treat with everyone else and it might make their day a little brighter.

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