Caffe Sala, Colchester

I was having a bimble around Colchester town centre when I noticed this sign outside a café.



I walked past and then realised I would be neglecting my duties towards this blog if I didn’t at least go in and have a chat with the staff about eating there with allergies.  Caffe Sala have cake.  Lots and lots of cake.



The friendly waitress confirmed that they had gluten free cake and they had vegan cake.  I tentatively asked if they had gluten free, vegan cake.  She consulted a folder.  This is not always a good sign, but it turned out she needed to check because there was a choice of gluten free, vegan cake.  Inside my head, I did a girly squeal and high five.  Externally, I just asked for the St Clement’s cake with a coffee (and there was a choice of three different non-dairy milks, or moo milk), and this what it looked like:


The food tasted great.  The interior of the café is quirky.  As someone just popping in by themselves, I appreciated that there was a wide range of seating options so I didn’t feel silly sitting at a huge table by myself.  I really appreciated that Caffe Sala is an independently opened business too.

Caffe Sala is in Eld Lane, Colchester, Essex, UK.

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