Really Easy Bird Feeders

You might be wondering what bird feeders are doing on our food blog.  Well, this is an aspect of having food allergies that most people don’t think about.  Food is everywhere!  There might be coconut in a shower scrub.  Orange oil in some soap.  Wheat in the preschool’s playdough.  And the Allergy Brothers have to avoid it wherever it is.  It just so happens that many commercial bird feeding products have wheat in them, and Allergy Little can’t touch wheat products.  We want to encourage him to appreciate nature so we make our own bird feeders.

You only need 4 items for these: some pine cones, some kind of nut or seed butter (we used Eskal free nut butter, which is a sesame butter), a seed suitable for feeding to birds (we used sunflower hearts), and some string.


  1. Leave your pine cones somewhere to dry (we put them in the airing cupboard overnight) so that they open out.
  2. Tie the string onto the pine cones so you can hang them up.  We made a sort of birdy mobile.
  3. Cover the pine cones with the nut/seed butter.  Make sure you pack it in between the scales of the pine cone.
  4. Then roll the pine cone in the seeds so they stick.
  5. Hang in tree, and watch for birds, preferably from inside, while drinking hot chocolate.

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