Choc Chick Raw Chocolate Making Kit

This kit contained 100g of organic cacao butter, 100g of organic cacao powder, 100ml of Sweet Freedom (a sweetener derived 100% from fruit), baking cases, and an instruction manual.  It cost us £12.99 from our local health food shop.


After the chocolate coin debacle, I was a little wary of chocolate making.  This kit, however, was very easy to use.  We needed a bain marie, a spatula, and  a metal balloon whisk.  We added vanilla bean extract, sea salt, and Sainsbury’s sugar stars as flavourings.

Our first job was to melt the cacao butter in the bain marie.  Allergy Little was really interested to see the constituent parts of chocolate, and he was surprised by the cacao butter “that looks like butter, but smells like stinky chocolate.”  After that, we simply whisked in the cacao powder, Sweet Freedom, salt, and vanilla extract.  The chocolate was very runny at this point and it was very difficult to pour it into the paper baking cases without spillages.  This is the only part of the process that I would change; I would use sturdier silicon moulds next time.  Allergy Little decorated the chocolates with the sugar stars, and they went in the freezer for 20 minutes.  They were ready by lunch time, and Allergy Little declared them “delicious”.


I think the chocolates were best eaten fresh as by the next day the texture had changed slightly as the ingredients had separated slightly.  The kit actually contained more cacao powder and Sweet Freedom than we needed so we used the extra ingredients to make a cake.

In summary, a good little kit.  Adults can make the chocolates they really want.  Kids can play Willy Wonka and learn about the ingredients in a popular food.



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