New Year’s Resolutions

My personal resolution for 2015 was to not shop at Amazon, and to try to replace this with shopping in independent stores.  I certainly achieved the first resolution as I did not place a single Amazon order in 2015.  I found the second half of the resolution harder to stick with.  I discovered that there are many interesting independent shops and cafes out there.  As they are nearly always staffed by their owners, the customer service is usually excellent.  The staff are almost always knowledgeable and friendly.  However, I did find the opening hours to be not always as reliable as I would like.  I have generally decided that I still prefer independent shops and I will get irritated when they are closed unexpectedly, but that’s okay.


I decided that my resolution for 2016 should be a food-based one.  I have resolved to commit to Veganuary, that is to commit to being vegan for January (this is my (Allergy Mum’s) personal resolution; the Allergy Brothers are not being asked to go vegan as well, unless they want to).  As the Allergy Brothers avoid eggs and dairy for allergy reasons, it seems a small step for me to cut out meat, fish and other animal products as well.  I think it will be interesting to see how it goes.   I have toyed with cutting out animal products on and off throughout the last year, but I have not consistently stuck to this.  I have noticed that I almost always feel physically better when I an eating vegan food.  I have been hugely impressed by the vegan food I have eaten over the last year.  The yummy food at The Den Café in Colchester, see reviews here, here and here, has been a big influence on my decision.

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