Day 4 of Veganuary

So far Veganuary is going swimmingly.  I might be deluding myself, but I feel a bit more energised?, I think.  It could just be that, after the Christmas blow out, I would be feeling a bit healthier on my normal diet anyway.  I think I may have experienced a cheese hangover on the day after Boxing Day, after chomping my way through most of a Camembert.

Vegan food shopping is both very easy and a bit of a nightmare.  It’s difficult because I don’t eat wheat.  For example, vegetarian Quorn contains egg white so it is not vegan, but vegan Quorn contains wheat instead!  Gah!  In fact, quite a lot of vegan products use  wheat as a substitute for meat, often in the form of something called seitan, which I will never know about.

However, there is a really easy way to shop that is both vegan and wheat free.  There’s this whole section (it’s often at the front of the store because it looks enticingly fresh and healthy) that only contains plant-based foods.  Of course, it’s the fruit and veg section.  Now, I have stopped thinking about these as accompaniments to meat, but as valuable and interesting foods in their own right, I am paying a bit more attention.  I made myself some really delicious soup today with a variety of vegetables, herbs and vegetable stock.  It was flavoursome, nutritious and cheap.  I frankly feel a bit of a numpty for not noticing this before.

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