Tolerant Foods Red Lentil Rotini & Violife Prosociano

I have been a bit poorly (that will serve me right for crowing so much about how great I felt doing Veganuary!), but I have not neglected the blog entirely.  In fact, I have been continuing my search for the perfect Allergy Brothers friendly, easy, mid-week meal.  Last week we tried red lentil pasta and vegan parmesan.

Ingredients Tolerant Foods Red Lentil Rotini – Non-GMO, organic red lentils.  That’s it.

Ingredients Violife Prosociano – Water, Coconut oil (17%), Modified starch, Starch, Sea salt, Rice protein, Vegan parmesan flavour, Olive extract, Colour – b-carotene


I’ll start with reviewing the pasta.  The Allergy Brothers sniffed it and refused to try it.  I poo-pooed their fears , and tucked in.  “This is delicious,” I said.  And it was.  Just like normal pasta, but weirdly filling.  It was easily a meal with just some cheese shavings on.  And then, I had an allergic reaction to it.  The boys are so much better than I am at detecting which things will make us ill!  So if you are not allergic to this then I would recommend it.

The vegan parmesan was pretty good too.  It had a hard texture; this is especially impressive when you consider that vegan cheeses are often a bit soggy.  There was a strong flavour; the smell was too strong for the Allergy Brothers, but this wasn’t for them anyway.  It was really very convincing.  Now the negatives, it is pricey (we paid £4.90 for 235g), but then so is real parmesan.  I also didn’t like the vague ingredients.  What kind of starch?  Rice?  Potato?  What is vegan parmesan flavour?

So in summary, this would indeed be an easy, mid-week meal, but just not for the Allergy Brothers.

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