Real Nice Organic Banana & Raspberry Ice Lollies

Ingredients – Organic bananas, organic raspberries.  That’s it.

Bit of a confession, I only bought these because I needed to buy four frozen items from the Goodness Direct Website, but for the courier service you need a minimum of six items so I added the two cheapest frozen items to my order, and that was these lollies.  It did however make me feel like a super Mum, who can anticipate her children’s every wish, when a day or so later Allergy Big asked for a lolly on a stick, and I could instantly fulfil his wishes.


In a sense, these are an incredibly easy product that you could make at home; it’s just smooshed up banana and raspberry.  Like many simple things though to do it right is difficult.  The puree is very smooth and seed free.  It is also frozen without the gritty ice crystals you get in homemade ice lollies.  For the Allergy Brothers, who are so often food outsiders, the fact that it comes in a packet and looks like other people’s food is a big plus.


Unfortunately, for the Allergy Brothers, the uncompromisingly healthy nature of these lollies made them a bit too sharp.  Also, this was the flavour of Real Nice ice lollies that they are not allergic to, but it also includes a fruit that they are not that keen on, bananas (I know how can they not like bananas?, apparently it’s the smell they don’t like).  I enjoyed the leftovers very much.

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