Nearly the end of Veganuary

It’s Day 30 of Veganuary.  I have had only one slip up.  This was when Allergy Little and I had an appointment.  The timing was lousy as there was not enough time to get home after dropping Big off at school, but we were early for the appointment.  We ended up filling time by walking around a seaside resort in January.  We got very cold and I forgot my packed snacks (but I remembered Little’s!) so I succumbed and drank a hot chocolate with dairy in.  The only vegan option was black coffee, which I don’t drink.

When I started Veganuary, I basically just dropped the animal products from my normal meals.  This led to some rather odd and unsatisfying meals so I started using a nutrition app to record what I was eating.  It was obvious that I wasn’t eating enough protein.  Luckily, I quickly discovered my new favourite thing, Taifun brand tofu.  Taifun make a rainbow of flavoured, ready to eat tofus.  Easy and yummy.  The side effect of recording what I was eating is that I have lost some weight (about 8lb).  It’s worth remembering that not all plant-based food is naturally healthy.  Chips are vegan!

Over the course of Veganuary, the question has changed from “should I be vegan?” to “should I return to eating animal products?”  I can not think of a compelling reason why I would start doing that.  However, this comes with caveats.  I am not a vegan.  To me, being a vegan is an ethical and philosophical stance about not harming animals in any way.  I clearly do not meet this standard.  I have a leather sofa.  I feed my children meat, although I would fully respect their choices if they decided not to eat animal products too.  And, if I am gasping for a cup of tea and my friend only has dairy milk at  their house, then I am probably going to weakly crumble and give in to my milky tea cravings.  At home, however, I am going to follow a plant-based diet for the time being.

The reasons why are purely selfish.  I feel less sluggish and sleepy.  I think my skin seems a little brighter.  I generally just feel better.  The lack of animal cruelty and environmental benefits are nice bonuses.  But, I am going plant-based to benefit only one animal, me!

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