The Nourish Co – Colchester

The Nourish Co

36 St John’s Street, Colchester, CO2 7AD

The Nourish Co is hidden in the corner of a larger music shop.  It would be easy, but disappointing, to miss.  Inside, it has a rustic-Scandi décor, and a surprisingly generous range of products packed into such a small footprint.


I was stopping by for mid-morning snack.  I had a choice of four sweet treats that were gluten free and vegan.  I chose a Banoffee Pie.  My inner greedy person thought that the portion looked a bit small, but, as it was made from cashews, it was packed with protein and very filling.  Most importantly, it was sweet, but not cloying, and delicious.  I decided to drink an old favourite, a Rebel Kitchen Chocolate mylk, but I could have chosen from an impressive range of teas and coffees.


I really liked that there were vegan books under the window table that customers could peruse, and that the owner seemed so committed and interested in talking about food in general.  It’s clear that vegan and healthy food is not a gimmick, but a real commitment for this new company.  I will be very happy to support them in the future.

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