The Waiting Room – Colchester


It’s quite hard to describe The Waiting Room so I think I will just post a photo of the large statement in the main hall.  You can also get an idea of the industrial interior design.


One feature of The Waiting Room is that it has an open kitchen.  On the day that I was there, the food side was being hosted by The Good Souls Bakery.  The drinks side is run by a different concern so you order and pay for your drinks separately; this is a very minor inconvenience and allows two enterprises to run in the same space.  Seating is at long shared tables, but it is such a friendly place that this was a bonus.  The far table was taken up by a group of people spinning and weaving.


I had a large bowl of celeriac soup with toasted pumpkin seeds, and a karma cola.  The soup was an excellent hearty choice for a wintery, cold day.  The Good Souls Bakery had several options for gluten free and vegan cake.  All of which looked like they would be both tasty and filling.  The plum cake was getting some very enthusiastic reviews at the next table to me.  Unfortunately, I was full so I didn’t try any dessert, but now I have an excuse to go back.  I think I am just glad, that in a slick, corporate world, there are still some less polished but more loveable options.

The Waiting Room
The Old Bus Station
Off Queen Street
Colchester, Essex

Check the website or facebook page for the latest events and opening hours.

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