Snapea Rice Sticks


Green Peas, Rapeseed Oil, Rice, Salt, Calcium Carbonate.


Do you ever eat a packet of crisps and think that these are nice, but I would really like a snack that is a source of protein, high fibre, and tastes like mushy peas?  Then Yushoi have made the snack for you!  I’m being a bit mean, but these really did bring back memories of school dinners (spam, chips and mushy peas on a Thursday to be exact).  The Snapea rice sticks were fine for ladling up excessive amounts of houmous  so they fulfilled my main snack needs.  Also, I should be nicer because they have a nut free recipe and the packet specifies that the factory does not handle peanuts, nuts and sesame.  This might make somebody’s day.  Just not mine.

6 thoughts on “Snapea Rice Sticks

  1. I just posted a recipe for crackers that I make for our food allergic and migraineur family members. It does take some work, but we love it for crunching!


  2. I really love these and can’t get enough – just what I want when I need a snack to get me through my uni work! To be totally honest I’m not overly picky with what I eat providing it ticks the boxes for my dietary needs. 🙂


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