Amy’s Kitchen Mexican Burrito

Ingredients – Organic pinto beans, Filtered water, Organic cooked brown rice, Organic chickpea flour, Organic tomato puree, Organic potato starch, Sunflower oil, Organic onions, Organic tapioca starch, Organic sweet peppers, Organic sorghum flour, Organic sweet rice flour, Organic sugar, Sea salt, Spices, Organic garlic.


Oooh, vegan, gluten free convenience food!  Yay!  These are not pretty to look at, but they sit in my freezer waiting for me to mess up buying fresh food and then help me out.  Three minutes in the microwave and voila!  I find them quite tasty in an instituitional, stodgy food kind of way.  One of these and some salad makes an acceptable meal.  Amy’s Kitchen have made this Allergy Mum’s life easier.

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