The Visitor Centre Café at Abberton Reservoir, N. Essex, UK

This just shows how mainstream gluten free eating has become.  We took the Allergy Brothers to visit Abberton Reservoir (CO2 0EU for your sat nav).  We had planned to go for a walk, but we honestly got no further than the play area because the boys were having such a good time there.abbertonAnyway, the boys were pretty hungry after all that climbing.  Luckily, the café had crisps and drinks that the boys could eat.  I had a choice of two types of homemade, gluten free cake: a chocolate cake and a Victoria Sponge.  The cake was pretty sweet and reminded me of the kind of baking my Granny used to do before healthy eating was a thing.   I think I really need to do a walk next time to justify the cake, but full marks to such a small café catering to gluten free customers so well.

AbbertoncakeTo find out more about Abberton Reservoir, click here.


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