Advent Update

The Allergy Brothers are loving their Playmobil advent calendars and their picture advent calendars, which is fantastic.  I have finally cracked this after 6 years!  (I am a slow learner!)  I talked about all the different types of advent calendars that we have tried here.

I recently read about Reverse Advent Calendars.  The idea is that, instead of getting every day of December, you give an item of food.  I have often wondered how we would manage if we needed to rely on food banks; I can’t imagine that there would be very much food that the boys could eat available.

We live on the North Essex coast in the UK.  A few years ago, there were very high tides and storms; our house was at serious risk of flooding.  We had a few hours to prepare and move the most important items to the top floor of our house.  It was interesting what became essential.  I moved the boys’ medical records, their prescription medications, our photograph albums, our passports, and a stockpile of their food.  Since then, I have always wondered/worried what would happen if it became difficult for us to get the foods that the boys need.  This year I am preparing a free from foods reverse advent calendar for a local food bank.  I hope it makes someone’s life a little easier at a difficult point.  It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas…


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