The Colchester Officers’ Club, Essex

This is a first for the Allergy Brothers blog, well two firsts to be accurate.  Firstly, Allergy Big would like to be known as Allergy Wizard from now on, and he has a nice portrait drawn by one of his classmates to celebrate this (see above; I love the spelling of allergy!).  Secondly, he wants to write this blog himself.  Allergy Wizard was invited with his school class to have lunch at the Colchester Officers’ Club in by the Rotary Club.  The Colchester Officers’ Club is a private members club so it was exciting to visit for the day.  And now over to Allergy Wizard…

“It was a lot of fun.  I was impressed by the gold seats.  But I loved the Officers’ Club for one thing because they helped with my allergies.  The chef made me my own burger so that I had something to eat, and I could eat the chips because they were safe for me too.  Thank you, Officers’ Club and the Rotary Club.  I give you a big thumbs up!”

I want to add my thanks too.  Not only did the chef take my phonecall in the middle of lunch service (oops, I should have checked the time before calling), she then rang me back later to confirm the ingredients in the planned meal choices and, when there was nothing suitable, she made him his own burger with Allergy Wizard safe ingredients.  Thank you, Officers’ Club chef, you made his day!

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