Thank you!

We have decided it is time to put the Allergy Brothers Cake Company to bed for a while. We may return in the future. There are two main reasons, and they are both very positive, happy reasons.

Firstly, the Allergy Brothers seem to be finally overcoming, at least some of, their allergies. This is fantastic news and is opening up a world of new foods for them to try. It’s keeping me very busy coming up with foods for them to trial that contain the target ingredient, but none of their other allergens. It’s basically my full time job now! It also means that it increases our risk of cross contamination because we have ingredients, such as dairy, in our kitchen. We takes allergies very seriously, of course, and we just wouldn’t want to risk a customer having a reaction from one of our cakes. The second reason is that we are soon to welcome a new family member, Allergy Hound! We don’t think that having a dog and making food to sell to the public in our kitchen are a good combination! You can be sure that I will be spamming our Instagram and Facebook accounts with dog photos very soon. The Cake Company isn’t going away completely as Allergy Wizard has plans to put together a cook book of our recipes.

We had a fabulous time selling our cakes. We met so many lovely people: both customers and other stall holders. We’d like to say a special thanks to the amazing team at Wivenhoe Market, Tom and colleagues at Lauriston Farm, Kate at Wigborough Traditional Meats, and especially Christine at Health and Booty in Brightlingsea, Essex.

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