Lucy’s Ginger Snaps

Gluten free, vegan, no peanuts, no tree nuts, no milk, no eggs, no GMO, Kosher.

Ingredients – Lucy’s blend ™ (Gluten-free oat flour, chickpea flour, potato starch flour, tapioca flour, sorghum flour, broad bean flour), cane sugar, soya drink (soya beans, filtered water), sustainable palm fruit oil, expeller pressed rapeseed oil, olive oil, vanilla extract, non-dairy lactic acid, raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, potassium bitartrite, monocalcium phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate), ginger (3%), oil of lemon, red pepper, gluten-free vinegar, black treacle, stabilisers (Xanthan gum, corn starch, carrageenan), salt, calcium carbonate, colour (Annatto extract), emulsifiers (Sunflower lecithin, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, methycellulose).

Sadly, these biscuits are not Allergy Brother friendly as they are allergic to three of the ingredients so I selflessly tried them with a cup of tea.  They were very good.  Everything you would want in a ginger snap biscuit.  They made a satisfying snap when I cracked them in half (little known fact – if you break a biscuit and then tap it on the plate then the calories fall out; this also applies to broken biscuits at the bottom of the tin.  This is definitely true.).  The biscuits had a good crunch when I bit them, and, most importantly, they tasted good.  The snaps had a good, strong, but not overpowering ginger flavour, and were just the right amount of sweet.  I hope the Lucy’s brand considers branching out into the UK, because I would definitely recommend them.

a tray of biscuits ready for baking.

Treasure Biscuits


180g margarine (we used Pure sunflower spread)

120g sugar (we used raw cane sugar)

200g corn flour

150g polenta

1tsp vanilla essence

2 tbsp. cocoa (check it is gluten free, if you need this).

12 squares of chocolate

You will need some circular biscuit cutters, preferably of two sizes.

  1.  Preheat oven to 190C/375F/Gas Mark 5.
  2.  Cream the margarine and sugar.
  3.  Stir in the corn flour and polenta and work together to form a soft dough.
  4.  Halve the dough.  Add the vanilla essence to one half of the dough and mix in.  Add the cocoa to the other half of the dough and mix in.
  5.  Roll out on a floured surface and cut into shapes.  If you are using two size cutters then use one size for the vanilla dough and the other size for the cocoa.  You will need an equal number of each type of biscuit.  So you might have a little leftover to make a bonus biscuit for the chef!
  6. Assemble the biscuits.  Put a square of chocolate on the small size biscuit. [ N.B.  I had to use the same size cutter for all the shapes as I discovered my biscuit cutters had got very badly squashed in the drawer and they couldn’t be coaxed back into shape.  Also, note that we used OhSo Good chocolate, that has very small squares.  Four OhSo Good chocolate squares equals one Dairy Milk square for comparison.  A good thing about using the OhSo Good chocolate was that the raspberry flavour made these taste like Jammy Dodgers.]  Then put a larger biscuit circle on top of the chocolate.  Finally, press the edges down to seal in the chocolate.  Don’t worry if the dough cracks a bit.  It’s part of the charm of home baking!  You will have made a two tone biscuit with hidden, chocolate treasure.20150926_203847
  7.  Put the biscuits on a baking sheet, that has been coated with corn flour, and bake for 15-20 minutes.
  8.  Leave to cool before removing from the baking sheet.  If you can catch them, when the biscuit has cooled, but the chocolate is still runny, then you are in for an extra treat!

P.S. Next week is our blog’s first birthday.  We will be celebrating with a competition so don’t forget to look out for that!

Home Free “Mini Double Chocolate Chip Cookies”.


A sneaky snack when working from home!

Ingredients – Gluten free whole oat flour, Natural cane sugar, High oleic safflower oil, Chocolate chips (evaporated cane juice, chocolate liquor, non-dairy cocoa butter), Demerara sugar, Non-alkalized cocoa powder, Organic tapioca starch, Apple juice concentrate, Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), Organic vanilla extract, Salt, Baking powder, Xanthan gum, Sunflower or Canola lecithin, Rosemary extract.

This is one of those products that makes me sad.  This is a fantastic product.  When you consider how many allergens are avoided (no dairy, no soya, no wheat, no gluten, no egg, no tree nuts, no peanuts, etc, etc), it’s really amazing that they have made a product that works.  So why does it make me sad?  Because, the Allergy Brothers still can’t eat it!  Sometimes, it just makes me sad when I realise how far we are from “normal” eating.

Anyway, less moaning and more reviewing!  This is a really good product.  As I have already mentioned, many common allergens have been avoided.  In addition, the product is convenient.  It comes in an individual serving, which would be perfect for a packed lunch.  Also, it has a long shelf life so you could stock up.  Finally, the taste.  Well, as always with free from products, the texture is different to what you expect.  In this case, the cookies are more chewy than crumbly.  The taste is also pretty chocolatey, but lacks the richness of a regular cookie.  Basically, if you have never tried a regular cookie then you will be very happy with this product.  If you have tried regular cookies, then you might have to eat a few packets to learn to love these cookies.  It really depends if you have as much dedication as me!

The Co-operative Free From Chocolate Digestive Biscuits

IDShot_540x540Not really useful for many people as these contain gluten free oats, soya and dairy, but they were really delicious. Not sure that they are that close to having the texture of a digestive. After extensive testing, Allergy Dad and I couldn’t agree. He thinks the texture is closer to a rich tea, but I think it is more like a Lotus caramelised biscuit. I think we’ll have to finish the packet to decide…