The Coconut Collaborative (Vegan, DF)

It’s always interesting to see which products make the leap from specialist shops and websites to mainstream supermarkets.  The Coconut Collaborative range have certainly done that.  We haven’t reviewed this product before because coconut is an Allergy Brothers’ allergen, but now they are everywhere it seemed rude not to.

Initially, I had several questions about this product:

  1. Was I really reacting to coconut as I suspected during the granola testing?
  2. Why are the naked people in the logo without their modesty leaves on the lemon pot packaging, but the cartoon people have them on all the other packaging?

I discovered the answer to question 1 is “definitely” and the answer to question 2 is “who knows?!”  I actually really enjoyed the Little Choc Pot I tried.  It was very rich and creamy so that’s a pretty good review for something that also made my tongue sting!  Allergy Dad, who is not a fan of healthy(ish) food, also gave the lemon pots a big thumb’s up.  Because I am a numpty/like to thoroughly test things, I thought I would try another Coconut Collaborative product.  I tried the rice pudding, but I didn’t like the texture.  Too few lumps in too much runniness.  Unfortunately, this product also confirmed that coconut has moved from my food friends list to the reacting foes one.  I didn’t try the rhubarb yoghurt, which was a big shame because that is my favourite flavour.  I guess I will have to make my own with Nush nut yoghurts and rhubarb puree.

In summary, there’s a reason why these products have hit the mainstream.  The little pots really are very good!

P.S.  If you have a moment and a Word Press account, would you go to Allergy Wizard’s first ever review and maybe like it.  He would be super excited to have some more readers.  Thank you.

Ombar Buttons

OmbarButtonsIngredients – coconut sugar, raw cacao mass, raw coconut cream, cocoa butter, vanilla, bacillus coagulans GBI- 30 6086.

We are a quite glutinous here at Allergy Towers. In fact, this entire blog is just a justification for me to be eating yummy things constantly. So you know there is a problem when something is left uneaten here. I hated these coconut chocolate buttons so much that I left them in the fridge after eating one (I am starting to think that me and raw coconut are just not that in to each other). Allergy Dad rescued them. He ate one – “it’s like a Bounty button. These are nice. Oh hang on, that is one awful aftertaste. ” He tried a second one and then they got abandoned in the fridge again. The next step is to chuck them in the bin. This has never happened before…

Om Bar 60% Coconut

ombar-coconut-probiotic-chocIngredients – Raw Cacao, coconut sugar, raw coconut cream, cacao butter, vanilla pods, and probiotics.

This isn’t a new product, but the price had always put me off trying it (£1.80-2.50 ish for a very small bar). Today, I saw a bar half price so I thought I would try it

My initial impressions were good. The texture is closer to milk chocolate than plain, and it seemed really creamy. However, it left me with an unpleasant ashy aftertaste. This actually increased with each mouthful so it was quite unpleasant by the last piece (I like to be thorough and complete my chocolate tasting!).

In conclusion, would I buy it again? No, coconut is one of the boys’ allergens so it is no good for them. And no amount of healthy rawness and probiotics is going to persuade me to eat yucky chocolate. Chocolate is a food just for pleasure in my opinion. This is expensive way of ruining that.