A lighthouse in front of a sunset

News – The Science of Nutrition, and Gluten-free Dating!

It’s a Friday afternoon news roundup!

If you have allergies or significant others with allergies, then the chances are you spend a lot of time scrutinising ingredients lists.  And it might be that you have, on occasion, wondered “what is lecithin anyway?”  Luckily, there is a free course to help you out.  I have signed up for it and I thought I would share the link with you.  It’s through the Future Learn website, and the course is called The Science of Nutrition.  It’s run by The Open University, and takes about three hours a week for four weeks, but, as it is all online, you can choose when you study.  You also choose how much of the course you do, although there is a certain amount you have to complete to be eligible for a certificate (which is the only bit you have to pay for and it’s optional).

Yesterday, I was reading an article about niche dating sites on the BBC news site.  I thought one of the niche agencies, a gluten-free dating site, sounded like an excellent idea so here is the link.

A lighthouse in front of a sunsetFinally, I hope you enjoyed today’s photograph.  The Allergy Family are very lucky to live somewhere so photogenic.  This photo was taken about 500m from our home.