Tobia Teff

I am really excited to have tried a new cuisine at the Free From show. Tobia Teff sell Ethiopian food. They mainly concentrate on products made from Teff flour, which is naturally gluten free. Tobia Teff’s samples were so yummy that I bought some enjera to take home with me. sinjera%20-%20Copy-258x245

Enjera is a large (very large; about 50 cm diameter) flat bread made from fermented Teff flour. It had a spongy texture and is a very sour dough. I made two mini wraps: one with Tartrex mushroom pate, and the other with avocado and houmous. I really enjoyed them both. Allergy Little ate his with peanut butter. I was surprised he liked it as it is a very unusual (for us as Brits), sour taste, but he scoffed the lot! Now, I am curious about trying more Ethiopian food and I am wondering if this could be a surprising, gluten free eating out hit!