Eli’s Earth Bars – Dream Big Bar

Ingredients – Rice milk chocolate (evaporated cane juice, rice milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa paste, almond milk, whole vanilla bean), Brown rice syrup, Peanuts, Evaporated cane juice, Peanut oil, Sea salt.

Shares equipment with peanuts/tree nuts, may contain trace amounts of dairy protein.

I have two words for you : vegan Snickers.  My life is complete.


Bonvita Rice Milk Chocolate Couverture with Blueberry


Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Raw cane sugar, Rice milk powder (17%), Blueberry (5%), Vanilla.

It’s the last Friday of the summer holidays, and it’s been a delight to have the Allergy Brothers home all summer, but, boy, did I need some chocolate today.  As you can see, we were running short.  I am pretty sure that couverture is just a nice way of saying cooking chocolate.  I didn’t cook with it.  I stuffed a big chunk of it in my face.  I am not ashamed of this.  I can’t shout at the boys and eat chocolate.  Eating chocolate, even cooking chocolate, makes me a better parent.  That’s my excuse, and I think it is pretty watertight.

I suppose to further justify my gluttony, I should review the couverture.  The chocolate was very smooth and without that gritty texture you often get with non-dairy milk chocolate.  I was a bit worried about the blueberries, because blueberries are one of those things I think I should like, but I don’t.  I was expecting whole dried blueberries, but actually little chunks were used with great restraint.  There was enough blueberry to add flavour but not enough to swamp the chocolate.  It was a bit too sweet, but that was a positive bonus today.  I have no idea how good it is for cooking with.  Sorry.