Naturelly Apple & Blackcurrant Jelly Juice

Ingredients: Apple juice from concentrate (60%), Water, Apple puree (8%), Blackcurrant juice from concentrate (2%), Thickener: Gellan Gum, Natural flavouring, Acidity regulator: Malic acid, Antioxidants: Vitamins A, C & E.


As you can see from the photograph, Naturelly Jelly Juice was a big hit with the Allergy Brothers’ small relative.  Allergy Little also really enjoyed it too.  Actually, this was a bit surprising because the jelly juice has no added sugar or sweeteners, but these two little ones really enjoyed the tart, naturally fruity flavour.  This also made these pouches parent -guilt free snacking.

I liked the fact that they are a cross between jelly and juice.  The pouches are like a refreshing drink, but less prone to squirting everywhere.  Plus, they are a bit more filling than just a drink so perfect for the car journey on the way home from school.

Thanks to Naturelly for providing us with free samples, when all I had emailed them for was a complete ingredients list so I could check for allergens.  We also really enjoyed the free stickers and had a fun game of sticker fight (a bit like paintballing with stickers).  I lost!



Real Nice Organic Banana & Raspberry Ice Lollies

Ingredients – Organic bananas, organic raspberries.  That’s it.

Bit of a confession, I only bought these because I needed to buy four frozen items from the Goodness Direct Website, but for the courier service you need a minimum of six items so I added the two cheapest frozen items to my order, and that was these lollies.  It did however make me feel like a super Mum, who can anticipate her children’s every wish, when a day or so later Allergy Big asked for a lolly on a stick, and I could instantly fulfil his wishes.


In a sense, these are an incredibly easy product that you could make at home; it’s just smooshed up banana and raspberry.  Like many simple things though to do it right is difficult.  The puree is very smooth and seed free.  It is also frozen without the gritty ice crystals you get in homemade ice lollies.  For the Allergy Brothers, who are so often food outsiders, the fact that it comes in a packet and looks like other people’s food is a big plus.


Unfortunately, for the Allergy Brothers, the uncompromisingly healthy nature of these lollies made them a bit too sharp.  Also, this was the flavour of Real Nice ice lollies that they are not allergic to, but it also includes a fruit that they are not that keen on, bananas (I know how can they not like bananas?, apparently it’s the smell they don’t like).  I enjoyed the leftovers very much.

Aduna Baobab Bar

Aduna Superfood Energy Bars

Well, I’ve messed up here a bit.  I have taken a photo of the Boabab bar, but not the Moringa bar.  I saved the wrapper of the Moringa bar for the ingredients list, and threw away the Baobab bar packaging.  It’s been one of those weeks.

Maybe I would be having a better week if I ate more food like these bars?  These bars are raw bars with a source of protein.  They are gluten free, wheat free, and contain no dairy ingredients.  Their big selling point is the presence of African superfoods, Moringa and Baobab fruit.

Let’s start with the Moringa Green Superleaf Energy bar.  Ingredients – Dates, Cashew nuts, Dried mango, Apple juice, Rice protein, Moringa leaf powder, Ground ginger.  (Made in a facility also handling other nuts, sesame seeds, gluten, milk and soya.)

I wasn’t very impressed with my first bite of this bar.  It tasted uncompromisingly leafy and green.  However, once I was used to this, it was actually quite a pleasant bar.  If getting more super foods, like Moringa, in your diet is important to you then there are certainly worse ways to do it than this bar.

Aduna Baobab Bar

The reason I didn’t keep the Baobab bar wrapper is because I actually threw half the bar away.  This is very unusual for me.  I just found the bar too tangy, tart and sour.  Baobab fruit is not my thing.

Thank you to Suma, the whole food suppliers and workers’ cooperative, for providing the free samples.  These were provided with no expectation of a review.

Creative Nature “Heavenly Cacao” bar

I am going to have a slight digression to explain why my blogging might not be quite up to standard today.  Suma, the natural food wholesaler, provided me with a sample box of their new products for July and August.  This evening, I thought I would try a tin of Edamame beans (by Geo) as an accompaniment to my main meal shared with the Allergy Brothers.  I was quite surprised when I opened the tin as the beans were surrounded by jelly.  However, this was fairly simple to wash off and then I was left with lots of bright green beans.  I was quite a bit more surprised when I had an allergic reaction after eating them. So I am writing this while high on Piriton.

Anyway, I am not holding this against Suma and, earlier in the day, I was happy to try this raw bar from Creative Nature that was also in the sample box.


Ingredients : Dried fruit (sultanas, dates, cranberries, goji berries), Oats, Vegetable glycerine, Cacao powder, Cacao nibs, Cacao butter, Maca powder.  Contains sulphur dioxide.

This came with a leaflet that proclaimed that this bar was “healthy chocolate!”  I, cynically, thought that that just means not very nice chocolate.  I was pleased to be proved wrong.  This bar really was very chocolate flavoured, although not chocolatey in texture.  Often with these type of bars, there is a small amount of a superfood and lots of cheaper, filler ingredients, such as oats.  This bar has it the other way round.  As there is so much dried fruit, this bar is also really sweet and it didn’t feel like a chore to eat it.

Right, I think I need to lie down in a darkened room to recover.  Please report any errors in the comments, and I will correct them when I am not in an anti-histamine haze.

Zoot Enduro Brazil Nut Carnival


Tentaclor getting his/her/their teeth into a Brazil Nut Carnival.

Ingredients – Sultanas (28%), Peanuts (23%), Brazil nuts (18%), Sunflower seeds, Dates (11%), Humectant: vegetable glycerine.

This was a pleasant, but certainly not overwhelming, energy bar.  The sultanas made sure it tasted sweet enough.  The nuts and seeds provided plenty of energy (166 calories worth).  Unusually, I didn’t actually check the ingredients before I threw this in my packed lunch (obviously, everything the Allergy Brothers eat is checked and checked again before they are allowed to eat it!).  I hadn’t realised that peanuts were included in the ingredients and I try not to take peanut products when I don’t know if I might accidently trigger a peanut allergy.  I was a bit annoyed that this is called a Brazil Nut Carnival, when it actually contains more peanut.

I don’t know what to say!  I feel like a stroppy teenager shrugging my shoulders and saying “it’s awright.”  But it is.