Armstrong’s Restaurant – Clacton-On-Sea

Allergy Dad and I don’t get many chances to go out together in the evenings so we could have kicked ourselves when we forgot that our friend had volunteered to babysit for us.  We had already eaten our dinner with the Allergy Brothers, but we thought we could sneak in a bit of dessert.  Another friend had recommended Armstrong’s Restaurant in Clacton-On-Sea as being an excellent choice when you are gluten free.  We decided to test it out with dessert and see if we wanted to return for a meal.

It really is the most unlikely setting for a restaurant that specialises in dining out for those with allergies and intolerances.  Next to Clacton Pier, there is an amusement arcade.  You walk through the amusement arcade, continue past the bowling alley, and then there is a lounge area with snooker tables, and finally, instead of a fast food joint, there is a civilized family restaurant!  I was immediately impressed by the menu as more of the desserts are gluten free than are not!

Unfortunately, it’s a popular restaurant.  All the tables were booked for the night.  However, the helpful staff were happy to accommodate us with drinks and dessert in the lounge.  It wasn’t romantic, restaurant ambience, but it was quite fun watching music videos on the screens in the bowling alley while happy families hung out together at the tables around us.  The desserts were worth trying, and the staff mixed a mean Pimms cup too.  I had a pear and almond tart with vanilla ice cream.  Allergy Dad had a chocolate brownie.  The desserts may have been gluten free, but I didn’t feel I was missing out at all.

Now, we just need the opportunity to test out the rest of the menu.