Who are we?

The Allergy Brothers are 8 and 10 years old.  They originally had thirteen food allergies each, but this isn’t as unlucky as it could have been. We invented a range of recipes that are free from gluten, dairy, egg, and soya, but taste great.  The Allergy Brothers wanted to share their yummy cakes with everyone so The Allergy Brothers Cake Company was born.  We spent a year selling our cakes at markets, and had a lot of fun.  We discovered that Allergy Wizard is great at handling money and a natural salesman.  Now, we are concentrating on writing a cookbook.  We also blog about the new foods we find and try to share the things we have learnt on our allergy journey.

We also are strong supporters of the Neurodiversity movement.  Sometimes, we write about issues affecting neurodiverse people.  We are hoping to work on ways of increasing the employment opportunities for neurodiverse individuals.

You can connect with us through this website, our blog, our Facebook page, and our Instagram page.  Allergy Mum also has an Instagram page, where she shares all the obscure facts she seems to pick up daily.